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We make New Orleans a safer place by holding people and companies accountable for wrongful conduct that harms others.

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As a firm, we believe in giving our clients an aggressive legal posture in the courtroom and the negotiating room, backed by empathy and respect in our personal dealings. In fact, we believe that our firm’s success follows from our commitment to a combination of vigorous representation and meaningful relationships with our clients.

If you or a loved one is injured in a serious accident, you may not know where to find quality legal representation that you can rely on. Our firm was created to make this process easier. We build successful case strategies on the strengths of over 20 years of history. Our team of experienced personal injury lawyers has won some of the largest compensation verdicts for personal injury clients and their families.

But we know that handling a personal injury case means much more than winning. It means taking care of what’s most important, you and your loved ones. We understand that the legal complexities following a serious injury or death are just part of the picture. The big  parts are the physical, psychological and social implications of serious injury or the loss of a loved one.

We strive from the fact that we have a significant role in guiding clients along the tricky road to justice; we make the journey as smooth as possible. Our professionals give you a voice and we make sure that that voice is heard throughout the legal process.

And we do this by listening, by asking questions; we sit down with you and get a full grasp of the situation in a much deeper level that most law firms. This is our way to fully and truly represent you.

This innovative approach of ours is driven by the professionals and the staff of our company. Throughout the years, we remain true to our focus and we have provided exemplary legal service to thousands of clients. We are devoted to investigating each case handed to us individually and making sure that our clients understand all the steps of the process and get the best result.

Here at Glicker Law, we provide a unique and personalized approach to legal representation. We don’t do generic, one-size-fits-all models, with us, you can guarantee the best personalized approach that will truly make you feel being well taken care of.

Everything that we do here is for the betterment of our clients. We don’t represent the cases that are handed to us, instead, we represent people and we work hard to deliver the best results for you.

That’s why we support you every step of the way with compassion and understanding. We are personally involved right from the beginning, dealing with the legal and insurance issues, providing helpful legal advice and easing your mind, so you can focus on recovering.

Glicker Law provides aggressive New Orleans legal representation on a contingency fee basis, which means no fees or costs are owed unless our law firm wins your case. If you or a loved one have been injured by the negligence of others, please contact our office today at (504) 323-6304 for a free case consultation.